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Welcome to the Dorset Bolt Fund

What Is the Dorset Bolt Fund?

The DBF has been set up by a group of committed volunteer climbers, with a passion for the climbing in our area. These volunteers raise funds for the purchase of bolts, and then do the hard work of using them to equip routes. The funds raised are solely used for replacing old bolts on existing routes, in accordance with the Dorset Bolt agreement.

What will my money be spent on?

The kit list for bolting is a big one. High power drills that are portable are expensive, as are spare batteries. Drill bits need replacing frequently. Then there are the bolts themselves, plus resin and glue gun for glue in bolts. Then there is all the other gear, like an abseil rope. All this adds up to a fairly hefty price tag per route, especially as bolting can trash kit pretty quickly.

How else can I help?

The Bolt Fund struggles getting enough suitable volunteers involved to help. Bolting is a difficult and potentially dangerous activity, so unsurprisingly the number of people involved is small. Most bolters have work and family commitments, just like the rest of us. Finding time can be difficult, especially on those blue sky days when wed all be happiest climbing. If you are an experienced climber, or have a background in rope access, you could be a real asset to the Bolt Fund. Getting involved is a great way of giving something back to climbing, with the added bonus that you may get to choose which routes get re-equiped first!

Want to get involved with the bolting? Click here to contact the Bolt Fund directly.

Recent work supported by the bolt fund

  • Imbolc 7b+ ~ Blacknor North ~ Partial Rebolt
  • Spanner Eyes 7b ~ Blacknor North ~ Partial Rebolt
  • Plasma Stream 7c+ ~ Blackers Hole Quarry ~ Complete Rebolt
  • Crimes Against the Soul 7a ~ Promenade ~ Complete Rebolt
  • Reptile Smile 6a ~ Blacknor North ~ New Belay

Routes identified as in need of work:

  • Coming Soon...

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